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3 Quick Environmental Steps

These are 3 green actions steps an individual can take immediately.


You don't need to wait for more time or a bigger budget to be a better steward of the environment.  Get started today with these three quick and easy action steps:


Quick Step #1:  Adjust Your Thermostat 1 Degree

Through energy use alone, the average US home creates over 13 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually – the same amount as driving a car over 12,000 miles.  

Right now - turn your thermostat 1 degree lower (if it’s winter) or 1 degree higher (if it’s summer).  It’s a great first step to reducing your energy use!

Quick Step #2:  Make Your Lunch or Dinner Today a Vegetarian One

Meat production worldwide is a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions, and creates huge amounts of toxic waste.  Animals are treated with terrible cruelty on factory farms.

Today, make your lunch or dinner meat-free.  Visit Vegetarian Times for great meat-free recipes.

Quick Step #3:  Take One Hour Away from Electronics, and Towards Creation

The average US citizen spends over 90% of his or her life indoors, most of it in front of electronic screens.  This weakens our bond with the earth.  

Today, disconnect from all electronics for 1 hour, and go outdoors.  Or – if you can’t get outside today – make yourself comfortable in front of a window, a potted plant, or something that reminds you of the natural world, and meditate for ten minutes.


Bonus Quick Step:  Take the GreenFaith Pledge to affirm your commitment to care for the earth.

And don't forget to...

Try additional easy action steps that don't require much planning or materials.

Tackle some environmental projects.

Help your house of worship get started with its environmental work.

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