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Beck Attacks "Let There Be ... Stuff?" on Oct. 15 Show

Media Matters for America

"Let There Be ... Stuff?" curriculum guides teens to "explore the relationship between their consumption, their health, and the faith of the planet." Beck dedicated the October 15 edition of his Fox News program to attacking a project sponsored by the Tides Foundation and GreenFaith. The "Let There Be ... Stuff?" curriculum has been available since April for churches and other houses of worship to download at no cost and is designed to lead teenagers to "explore the relationship between their consumption, their faith, and the health of the planet." Beck previewed the October 15 episode on October 14 by stating:

BECK: Tomorrow night, oh, we're going to expose manipulation of the word of God by radical green movement and "Let There Be Stuff" and provide ways for you and your kids to respond to this propaganda.

Do not miss tomorrow, a full episode you must have on DVD. Tomorrow night.

Tomorrow, a very special episode. Boy, that's usually when I bring in the little neighbor kid. A very special episode -- indoctrination for your kids. Don't miss it. This time the indoctrination is happening in your churches and synagogues.

During his October 15 broadcast, Beck acknowledged the Tides curriculum contains "some truth," but continued to attack it with outrageous rhetoric.

Beck: Tides curriculum smells like "sulfur." Beck said of the Tides-sponsored curriculum: "They are going right into our churches and our synagogues. It's for the planet, you know. They want you to join a group. That's the best thing our teens can do is join a group." Beck then linked Tides to the devil by holding up the curriculum and stating, "Is that sulfur I smell? Yes, I think so."

Beck: Tides is "coming for your church and your faith." During the show, Beck stated that the Tides Foundation is now "coming for your church and your faith":

BECK: This is the latest from the Tides Foundation, and this is for kids in synagogues and this will now be found in your churches. Warning -- I warned you about a year ago they are coming for your church and your faith. They are doing it now, "Let there be Stuff."

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