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GreenFaith Announces Partnership with Hindu America Seva Charities

Providing Environmental Resources for US Hindu Temples, Centers and Leaders

Nov 29, 2011

GreenFaith and Hindu America Seva Charities (HASC) announced today that they are entering a partnership to provide a range of environmental resources to support Hindu environmental leadership in the US. 

“Respect and care for the Earth is a core belief of Hinduism,” said Anju Bhargava, HASC’s founder.  “This partnership will empower Hindu temples and Seva Centers across the US to put those beliefs into action.” 

“GreenFaith is excited to partner with HASC,” said Fletcher Harper, GreenFaith’s Executive Director.  “The Hindu community is an important part of the wider interfaith community.  Their environmental leadership will make an important difference for the environment at this critical time.”

Through this partnership, GreenFaith will provide 50% tuition scholarships to the GreenFaith Fellowship Program for four Hindu leaders during 2012-13, and an additional four 50% tuition scholarships to the GreenFaith Certification Program for up to four Hindu temples during the same time period.

GreenFaith and HASC will also create programmatic resources for Hindu temples on a range of environmental topics, and will offer periodic free webinars focused on the relationship between Hinduism and the environment.

Drs. Pankaj Jain and Ved Chaudhary will serve as advisors for the partnership, sharing their extensive knowledge of Hindu environmental teachings and their awareness of Hindu environmental initiatives globally. 

Dr. Jain is Ass’t Professor at the University of North Texas in the Departments of Philosophy & Religion and Anthropology.   Author of Dharma and Ecology of Hindu Communities, he is GreenFaith’s Hindu and Jain Scholar in Residence, and has offered webinars and written articles for GreenFaith describing Hinduism’s environmental teachings.

Dr. Chaudhary is an HASC and GreenFaith Board Member.  A retired Assistant Commissioner of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, he is currently President of the Educators’ Society for the Heritage of India.

GreenFaith and HASC will also collaborate with the Bhumi Project, an Oxford, UK-based group which is organizing a worldwide Hindu response to environmental issues. US temples enrolling in the GreenFaith Certification Program will represent the Bhumi Project’s Green Temple initiative in the US.

This partnership grew out of earlier discussions between GreenFaith and HASC, and momentum established at HASC’s conference, "Impacting Change in America and Abroad,” co-sponsored by the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships in Washington DC on July 29-30, 2011.  At the conference, Drs. Chaudhary and Jain and Rev. Harper spoke on a panel entitled Dharmic Faith-Based Approach to a Green Environment and Green Living, where they were joined by Gopal Patel of the Bhumi Project, Victoria Finlay of the Alliance for Religion and Conservation, and Energy Writer Dipka Bhambhani of Hill and Knowlton,. 

GreenFaith is an interfaith environmental coalition whose mission is to educate, equip and empower diverse religious communities for environmental leadership.  Founded in 1992, GreenFaith’s programs help faith-based groups nationwide conduct religious-environmental education, ‘green’ the operation of faith-based facilities and their members, and conduct education and advocacy to reduce pollution’s impact on communities of color and low-income communities.

HASC is a progressive American organization advancing seva (community service), interfaith collaboration, pluralism, social justice and sustainable civic engagement to ignite grassroots social change and build healthy communities.  HASC seeks to mobilize communities through service and community building at local and national levels and to bridge the gap between US government and Hindu and Dharmic people and places of worship and secular organizations.


Founded in 2009, HASC mobilizes the Hindu American community to serve nationally, and to demonstrate the Hindu community’s commitment to service to the US government and wider culture.

Founded in 1992, GreenFaith inspires, educates and mobilizes people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership.

The Bhumi Project aims to educate, inspire, inform, and connect Hindus interested in service to Mother Earth and to build a base of global Hindu partners and friends who encourage best environmental practices.



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