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Applying to the Program

What if our institution has a small number of members interested in the program, but our ordained leader or governing board doesn’t share the same interest?

The GreenFaith Certification Program is a significant commitment, and the support of the ordained leader and governing board is critical to its success. However, this leadership often takes time to develop, particularly if the institution has never engaged in religious-environmental work before. When a team of interested members complete smaller environmental activities over a period of time, this support can take root.

GreenFaith’s Resource Center and Start-up Kit can help institutions to get started and build momentum.  After completing several small activities and building awareness and enthusiasm for environmental work, we recommend approaching your ordained leader and governing board a second time with the Certification Program.

How does my institution apply for the GreenFaith Certification Program?

To apply to the GreenFaith Certification Program, institutions must complete the following steps.

  1. Complete the Application Forms. The institution must complete an application for the GreenFaith Certification Program.
  2. Create a Green Team. Institutions must create a Green Team to oversee their efforts in the Program. This Team should include lay and ordained leaders. Individuals from facilities maintenance staff, and the buildings and grounds, finance, worship, education and social action committees should also be included. All Green Team members must read and sign the Green Team Commitment Form, which should be sent in to GreenFaith along with the Application.
  3. Make a Formal, Public Commitment. The institution’s governing board must pass a resolution endorsing the program, and the ordained leader must make a public spoken and written statement in support of the institution’s participation. A copy of the resolution and the date and copy of the ordained leader’s verbal and written public statements must be included in the Application.

There are two application deadlines per year—December 1st and May 1st.

All Application materials and information is available here.

What criteria does GreenFaith use when deciding to accept institutions into the Program?

If an institution follows all of the steps in the Application process, it will likely be accepted into the GreenFaith Certification Program.

However, if an institution is undergoing major changes such as a building renovation, or changes in clergy leadership, GreenFaith may recommend that the institution delay entering the Program until those changes are complete. The GreenFaith Certification Program is a major commitment that requires a strong level of institutional support. GreenFaith wants all institutions that enter the Program to succeed, and our experience is that this Program is best suited for institutions which can make it a primary focus for a period of two years. In those cases where an institution is very interested in the Program but also has other major projects underway, we recommend that you tackle a few small environmental projects at first and revisit the Certification Program later.  GreenFaith's general website provides many resources and activities to help you with this.

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