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What is a webinar?

A webinar is a teleconference combined with an online slideshow. GreenFaith currently offers webinars through a service called WebEx. A webinar participant calls into the conference line using a telephone, and views the slideshow by logging into the WebEx website. The combination of the slideshow and teleconference allows the participant to see pictures and text visually as s/he hears what is said on the call. Background noise and interruptions are kept to a minimum, since the webinar host can keep the phone lines silent during the presentation. Participants can ask questions throughout the call by typing inquiries into an online chat box. The inquiries reach the webinar host in real-time, enabling him or her to answer all questions in an effective and timely manner.

Our institution is not very technologically savvy. Are webinars easy to figure out?

While webinars are a new tool for many religious institutions, they only take a moment to understand and set-up. In addition, WebEx specializes in easy-to-understand and user-friendly technology.

Access to the webinar does require an internet connection and participants must know how to access a webpage. GreenFaith and WebEx staff are available to help with any problems you may encounter.

Our institution does not own a computer. How do we participate in the webinars?

If your institution does not own a computer, we highly recommend your using a computer through a member of your Green Team. If a computer is completely unavailable, you can still call into the webinar using the conference call number. GreenFaith staff can send you a copy of the slideshow presentation that your team can print out at the local library and use as you listen to the webinar.

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