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Certification Program Activity Requirements


The Certification Program includes activity requirements in the areas of Spirit, Stewardship, Justice and Communications.  Below is a summary of these requirements; institutions will be given a more detailed description of these items upon acceptance into the Program.

Spirit Requirements



  • Conduct six services over the two years focused on ecological themes.  At least 2 services must be completed in the first year.

    Religious Education

    • Offer 6 weeks of religious-environmental education over the two years for adults, teens and children.  We recommend that at least 2 weeks per age group happen within the first year.
      • Conduct religious-environmental education for Ordained Leaders.  The Biblical and Theological Foundations webinar GreenFaith offers fulfills this requirement.


      • Conduct one interfaith religious-environmental activity/year involving members of at least three religious traditions (e.g. Christian, Jewish, Muslim)
            • Conduct one inter-generational religious-environmental program/year for 2 years.


              Environmental Justice (EJ) Requirements


              Environmental Justice Education

              • Conduct three educational programs over two years on environmental justice.

                Building Relationships with EJ Leaders

                • Hold at least one meeting/year for two years with a local/regional EJ leader to identify ways that your institution can support Environmental Justice initiatives.

                  Advocating for Environmental Justice

                  • Conduct at least one Environmental Justice Advocacy Campaign per year for two years.


                    Stewardship Requirements

                    Institutions will be asked to choose 25 Stewardship initiatives from a comprehensive list.  This allows you to choose the action and education steps that fit your institution best.  However, to promote holistic stewardship efforts, institutions will be asked to choose one action step and one education step in each of the topics outlined below, with flexibility for the remaining stewardship initiatives. 

                    Please note: Most of these initiatives are no cost, and/or are likely to save your congregation money.  GreenFaith also offers discounted green purchasing opportunities.


                    Energy & Transportation

                    • Conduct activities to reduce energy use and encourage sustainable transportation practices at your institution.
                    • Educate and mobilize your members to undertake energy conservation and adopt sustainable transportation practices at home.

                    Food & Water

                      • Integrate environmentally-sustainable food practices into your institution's events and meals, and conduct activities to conserve water.
                      • Educate and mobilize your members to make sustainable food choices and conserve water at home.

                        Waste & Toxics

                        • Conduct waste reduction, recycling and toxics reduction efforts at your institution.
                        • Educate and mobilize your members to undertake waste reduction, recycling and toxics reduction efforts at home.

                          Grounds Maintenance

                          • Conduct sustainable grounds maintenance activities at your institution.
                          • Educate and mobilize your members to undertake sustainable grounds maintenance practices at home.


                            Communications Requirements


                            • Carry out the Communications Plan developed by your green team.
                            • Publicize your efforts to your members by publishing items on your website and in your newsletter.
                            • Publicize your efforts to external audiences, through newspapers, list serves and other media outlets.
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