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Energy Services Program for NJ Nonprofit & Faith Sites

Energy – A Challenge for Nonprofit & Faith Sites

For many nonprofit and faith facilities, energy costs are a high fixed cost.  

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Most staff and volunteers at these sites have no energy management experience and miss out on substantial savings.  As a result, these organizations lose thousands of dollars annually – funds that could support staffing and programs.

Energy Services

With guidance from GreenFaith, our congregation achieved a 30% reduction in electricity usage and 19% reduction in natural gas consumption. Over three years, that’s over $50,000 returned to our temple’s operating budget. 
Mark Neiderman, Temple Beth Rishon, Wyckoff

GreenFaith helps you navigate utility and state programs to secure thousands in incentive funds and to connect with professionals who will make your facility a model of energy efficiency.  Participating sites receive a comprehensive range of energy services through a well-designed process.  

Register for the Energy Services Program:
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What's Included?

GreenFaith is seeking up to 100 NJ-based nonprofit and faith institutions which will form a 3-4 person Energy Team to carry out the program during 2014-15.  
By the end of the program, each Energy Team will have:
  • Received energy management training, enabling energy team members to conserve energy at their facilities
  • Entered their institution’s energy usage data into US EPA’s Portfolio Manager on-line energy use tracking system, enabling measurement of savings
  • Had their institution’s facility evaluated for a solar array which would be installed at zero cost and which would reduce the institution’s energy costs
  • Had their institution’s facility evaluated for a range of lighting, heating/cooling, and appliance retrofits, and be connected with state and utility-based rebate programs which would pay for 70-80% of lighting and HVAC upgrades.  
  • Received a quote from a third-party provider of renewable electricity for their facility, at an equivalent or lower price than their utility charges
  • (For faith institutions) Held an Energy Weekend during which they will use resources provided by GreenFaith to equip their members to conserve energy at home, and to integrate energy-related activities into worship and religious education.
We have been discussing putting solar panels on our building at the shore in Southern New Jersey for over ten years.  GreenFaith made it possible for us to complete the project while providing confidence to our partners at West Jersey Presbytery as well as the trust of our members and community.  We have already begun to experience the savings that are promised through this capital improvement.
Pastor John Scotland, Community Presbyterian Church of Brigantine


What's the Cost?

GreenFaith has extensive experience in this area of activity, and will provide support and materials enabling institutions to be successful.  The cost of the program is $100. Institutions may choose to invest further funds to carry out retrofits of their facility. However, the program is designed to enable institutions to cut their energy use by 5-10% without any additional expenditure.

Register for the Energy Services Program:
Online registration and payment, click here

     Mail in registration and check, click here

How Can My Organization Get Started?

Contact Energy Services Program Director Anne Rahikainen at


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