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Residential Solar Screening Events for New Jersey Faith and Community Based Organizations


Introduction to our Residential Solar Campaign

GreenFaith is excited to share with you our Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 Residential Solar Campaign, which we’re organizing in partnership with GreenPowerEnergy.  We are organizing Solar Screening Events at faith-based sites statewide to identify New Jersey homeowners who would like to:

  • Have a solar array installed on their home at zero cost
  • Purchase the solar electricity generated at a discount to their utility price

In addition to the program benefiting your members, for every household that successfully goes solar through the Solar Screening Events, GreenFaith will make a $250 contribution to the house of worship which hosts the Screening Event. 

These events are a good way to invite members of your community to visit your house of worship, to raise money to support your faith community, to provide public leadership on the environment, and to offer valuable opportunity to your members and community.  You can learn more about our work by exploring our website at

Introduction to GreenFaith

In case you haven’t had the chance to work with us – GreenFaith is a nationally recognized interfaith environmental group based in New Jersey.  Founded in 1992, we’ve worked with hundreds of faith-based groups statewide – helping them conserve energy and water, use solar power, conduct religious education on the environment, advocate for a healthy environment for vulnerable communities, and more.  We have organized dozens of these events and over 60 homes have completed their solar installation through a GreenFaith partnership.

How Screening Events Work

At the Screening Events, GreenPowerEnergy and GreenFaith representatives explain how solar works and answer common questions about how homeowners can go solar, such as how to finance your array.  We’ll also be able to view satellite photos of any homeowner’s home and conduct an initial assessment of whether their roof or property is suitable for a solar array.  We’ve conducted several of these events, and we’ve found that they are a lot of fun.  People enjoy the opportunity to see if this might be a possibility for their home, and to learn more about this new money-saving technology that adds value to their property.

GreenFaith will provide all the resources needed to make your Solar Screening Event successful.  We have communications materials that you can use to publicize the event to your members and your wider community.  We provide all the equipment and materials needed.  Your house of worship provides the space and assists with publicity, and GreenFaith takes care of the rest.

  • Your goal is to sign up 15 or more congregation or community members to attend your event
  • We encourage small congregations to partner with other houses of worship and organizations in their community in organizing their solar events
  • We also offer on-line registration on GreenFaith website for those individuals that are unable to attend your screening event

I hope that you’re interested in this opportunity.  If you’d like to schedule a Solar Screening Event this fall or winter please let us know as soon as possible.

Please contact Anne Rahikainen at with any questions about this.


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