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GreenFaith Energy Shield

Information on the GreenFaith Energy Shield


Pray. Learn. Act.  Transform.

In a Month.

Energy Shield without year

The Energy Shield is a national environmental merit badge for faith communities - to be earned by a month of activities.

The Shield shows that sites have prayed, learned, and acted to reduce their carbon footprint and equipped their members to do the same at home.  Many sites also advocate for strong energy policies.

GreenFaith provides the resources needed to make earning the Shield a meaningful and positive activity for participating sites.

When sites complete the requirements, they receive a parchment and electronic Energy Shield.

The Energy Shield has a one-time fee of $50. Register by credit card for the Energy Shield, or  pay by check.


Why the Energy Shield?

"The GreenFaith Energy Shield enabled us to make significant energy-saving improvements with scarce resources. We reduced our energy use and kept costs stable, even after increasing our building usage. The Energy Shield process gave us a sense of great accomplishment."
William Friedman, Green Team Chair, Adath Shalom Synagogue
  • Because we can make a difference. Institutions can frequently reduce their energy use and carbon footprint by 20% or more with highly cost-effective measures.  Households can do the same.
  • Because we need moral leaders. Today’s young adults and families want to know that faith-based institutions care about the environment.  Addressing climate change shows that we care, and that we mean business.
  • Because of climate change. We need more education and action from faith communities in response.


    What are the Benefits?

    1.    Be a leader. Fighting climate change is vital to civilization’s future.  The Shield helps you do your part by offering effective action steps and helpful coaching.
    2.    Engage new & younger members. The Shield is designed to engage your members and community.  It’s green outreach in action.
    3.    Reduce your energy costs. By earning the Shield, institutions should reduce their energy use by at least 10%.  
    4.    Access valuable resources. You'll receive advice and resources based on energy audits at hundreds of faith-based sites.  You'll use the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager system that tracks your energy usage and savings.
    5.    Publicize your good work. GreenFaith provides resources to help you publicize your efforts – sample press releases, tools for social media, and more.
    6.    Gain recognition. Whether you’re just getting started or are already a leader in energy conservation, the Shield will help you gain the recognition you deserve for a job well done.

    How Does my Institution Earn the Shield?


    Adath shalom receiving energy shield certificateTo earn the Shield, participating institutions launch their efforts with an Energy Weekend which includes:

    • Religious education activities for children, teens and adults
    • Energy-themed prayers during services
    • Simple energy-saving Steps at your facility, including benchmarking and tracking energy improvements in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
    • Outreach to your community, enabling them to save energy at home. This will include distribution of a household pledge form provided by GreenFaith.
    • (Optional) Conducting advocacy to urge Congress to pass climate legislation.

    When you complete the process, you’ll receive an Energy Shield certificate and electronic badge for use with e-mails, social media and on your website.

    What Does GreenFaith Provide?

    GreenFaith provides easy-to-follow instructions and all the materials you’ll need, including:

    •    Prayers, texts and lesson plans for religious education
    •    Directions for energy-saving steps for your facility
    •    Action steps for your members to take at home
    •    Advocacy, communications and publicity materials
    •    Email and phone support

    What’s the Cost?

    The Shield costs $50, which includes all resources.  There are no extra fees.  All steps within the Shield are focused on low-cost or no-cost initiatives with a quick payback.

    Pay by credit card for the Energy Shield.  Pay by check for the Energy Shield.

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