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GreenFaith Water Shield

Information on the GreenFaith Water Shield

Saffet Catovic showing a girl how to do Wudu with 1/4 cup water

The GreenFaith Water Shield is an environmental merit badge program signifying that a faith-based institution has taken steps - educational, spiritual, and practical - to conserve water, protect water quality, and mobilize its members and community to do the same at home.

The Water Shield is a great way to protect water, engage in an environmental activity over a month's time, and receive recognition for a job well done. GreenFaith provides numerous resources to help you succeed, and a certificate and e-logo once you complete the program.

For a one-time donation of $50, you receive all program materials, and support. Register for the Water Shield by credit card or by check.

Why a Water Shield?

Cartoon water droplet that is a Water Shield graphic

Because we waste water - and can save. The average American family of four uses 400 gallons of water a day!

Because pollution threatens water safety and quality.  High demand, combined with more frequent droughts, more severe storm events, and growing pesticide use, puts our water in peril.

Because we can make a difference. If all inefficient toilets in U.S. homes were converted to WaterSense labeled models, we could save more than 640 billion gallons of water per year—the equivalent to 15 days of flow over Niagara Falls.

What are the Benefits for my Institution?

1.    Gain recognition! Receive a beautiful certificate and e-logo for your website showcasing your role as an environmental leader.

2.    Be a steward. Water is one of the Earth’s most sacred resources.  The Shield helps you do your part to protect it.

3.    Engage new & younger members. The Shield is designed to engage your members and community.  It’s green outreach in action.

4.    Reduce your water costs. While savings will not be large, earning the Shield will reduce your facility’s water bills.

Picture from Christ our Light Catholic church in front of their water pledge table

How Does my Institution Earn the Shield?

Photo from the SPLASH interfaith camp on water at St. Bernard's Church in Bernardsville, NJTo earn the Shield, participating institutions complete steps scheduled around a Water Weekend.  You’ll carry out:

  • Educational activities for children, teens and adults
  • A water-themed worship service
  • Action Steps within your building and on your grounds, chosen from a list of suggested steps
  • Outreach and education of members, to help them take steps at home. This will include distribution of a household pledge form which GreenFaith provides

When you complete the Shield process, you’ll receive a certificate and an electronic badge for use with e-mails and social media and on your website.

How Does GreenFaith Help?

GreenFaith provides easy-to-follow instructions and all the materials you’ll need, including:

  • Water-themed prayers, sacred texts and ideas for religious education.
  • Resources on water topics and activities for your building and grounds
  • Effective and inexpensive action steps for your community
  • Outreach materials for your members to help them take steps at home
  • Email and telephone support

What’s the Cost?

The fee for the program is a one-time donation of $50. You receive all program materials and resources for that cost, support from GreenFaith, and a certificate and e-logo.

Interested? Register for the Water Shield by credit card or by check.

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