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Ground for Hope-Kentuckiana


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March 9, 2014, 2:00 - 7:00 pm

Highland Baptist Church, 1101 Cherokee Rd, Louisville, KY

Keynote and Workshop Descriptions

Presenter Biographies

Keynote Session - Eco-Religious Leadership Writ Large

Presenters:  Rev. Richard Cizik, Sister Claire McGowan, Rabbi Joe Rapport, Camille Helminski

Imagine a symphony of religiously-based environmental leadership, which includes national and regional activism on public issues, education and leadership within a congregational setting, and eco-spiritual writing that engages the moral imagination of people from diverse backgrounds.  In the keynote session, four dynamic, accomplished leaders from four different faith communities share their journeys as religious-environmental leaders and sustainability advocates, offering models of leadership that will inspire you to find your "green-faith" voice.

Workshop Session 1:  3:10-4:00 pm

Participants attend one of the following four workshop sessions.  Presentation materials from all sessions will be available for download following the event.

The Bible and the Earth

Presenter: Dr. Trisha Tull

From the first verse of Genesis to the closing chapter of Revelation, Scripture has much more to say about the natural world than most modern readers see. In this workshop we will examine passages from throughout Scripture that highlight both gratitude and concern for the entire created world, and that support an ecologically sensitive spirituality and ethic.

Energy Stewardship and the GreenFaith Energy Shield

Presenter: Stacey Kennealy, GreenFaith

Energy is the second highest fixed cost for most faith institutions – but most people think conservation and efficiency are as sexy as a mud puddle.  Learn how you can “energize” your energy stewardship efforts through the GreenFaith Energy Shield, using strategies such as appointing a Chief Power Officer and more.

Environmental Issues Facing Kentucky

Presenter: Tim Darst, Kentucky IPL

People who are poor or vulnerable are often hurt first and hardest by environmental problems.  Becoming aware is an important first step in responding to such injustices.  Learn what issues are facing Kentucky today and what you and your congregation can do to help address them.

Going Public: Eco-Faith Leadership in the Town Square

Presenters:  Rev. Richard Cizik, Sister Claire Magowan; Facilitated by Rev. Jerry Cappel

Bearing a public witness is as old as the prophets – and requires resolve, courage, skill, and humor.  Listen to two religious leaders who have made an important impact not only within faith communities, but on the culture – both regionally and nationally.


Workshop Session 2: 4:10-5:00 pm

Participants attend one of the following four workshop sessions.  Presentation materials from all sessions will be available for download following the event.

Preaching Creation Care to the Reluctant Listener: Waking Your Congregation to the Interconnectedness between God, Others and All Creation.

Presenter: Fr. Joe Mitchell, Passionist Earth and Spirit Center

There are many ways to introduce the compelling necessity for people of faith to respond to the Earth needs of our time without sounding political or controversial.  In a creative and compelling presentation Fr. Joe will share practical ways to use Scripture to inspire, educate, and motivate members of your congregation toward creation care.

Food and Faith

Presenters: Rev. Carol Devine, Kyle Kramer

Kyle Kramer will talk about the links between food and faith, drawing from his personal experience as a farmer and his work with the Benedictine monastic community. Kyle purchased some hardscrabble land in southern Indiana and tended it back to health, learning one difficult lesson after another. Through this experience he began to fully embrace the Benedictine traditions of physical labor, prayer, simple living, and hospitality and will share his insights with attendees.

Divest & Reinvest Now!

Presenter: Rev. Fletcher Harper, GreenFaith

The movement for fossil fuel divestment and clean energy reinvestment is an emerging new force in faith communities globally.  Learn how this galvanizing movement got started, its moral and theological foundation, how faith leaders and communities are making a difference, and how you can get involved.

Many Faiths, One Earth

Presenters: Rabbi Joe Rapport, Camille Helminski, Stacey Kennealy

The world’s great religions offer a rich collection of teachings and perspectives on the environment and our relationship with it.  Learn from three leaders – from the Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist communities – about what their tradition has to teach, how these teachings differ, and how they are similar.

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