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Islamic Statements on the Environment

Islamic Statements on the Environment

 A growing number of Islamic leaders are writing and speaking about the Islamic basis for protecting the environment.  A small number of important statements are below.

Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change

An authoritative statement, developed by scholars in anticipation of the 2015 Paris Climate Negotiations

A recording of GreenFaith's webinar on 6.13.13
A recording of GreenFaith's webinar, on 7.26.12
"For the Muslim, humankind's role on earth is that of a Khalifah - vicegerent or trustee of Allah. We are Allah's stewards and agents on Earth. We are not masters of this Earth; it does not belong to us to do what we wish. It belongs to Allah and He has entrusted us with its safekeeping." 


His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef

Islamic Faith Statement on the Environment Hyder Ihsan Mahasneh, biologist and Islamic scholar, appointed by the Muslim World League, 2003.

The Muslim Declaration on Nature, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef, Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Assisi, 1986.

Islam and Ecology: A Bestowed Trust Inviting Balanced Stewardship by Dr. Frederick M. Denny, University of Colorado, published by the Forum on Religion and Ecology.

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