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Environmental Health

Environmental health toolkits and resources

The air we breathe, the water we drink, and other factors of our environment affect our health and well being on a daily basis.  When our air is fouled or water polluted, low income communities and communities of color face the worst exposures, and often don't have access to the preventative measures or treatments that can help to save lives.

In an effort to educate religious communities about environmental health issues, and promote action in this area, GreenFaith is creating a series of toolkits on various environmental health topics:

African American child with asthma inhalerDownload Breath is Life, GreenFaith's Asthma Toolkit. Designed with African American churches in mind, this toolkit provides prayers that can be used to pastor people afflicted by asthma, educational activities for adults and children, and handouts to help members understand the topic and make changes in their lives to be healthier.

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