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Food and Faith

Access to Repairing Eden, GreenFaith's sustainable food guide


Repairing Eden and the Good Food Toolkit

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From refreshment hours and meals, to lunch time and special dinners, food is an integral part of all religious institutions.  The food we eat not only nourishes our bodies, but nourishes our souls.  Yet, in our increasingly global food system, our food comes with a heavy environmental and social footprint.  Contrary to the pastoral images of farms that many of us hold dear, conventional agriculture exposes workers and the land to toxic pesticides, and it's common for animals to spend their entire lives confined indoors.

Every time we purchase food it is a vote - we either vote for practices that sustain the land and our own health, or we vote for food that carries with it a long list of environmental and social harms.  It is time for religious institutions to purchase food in line with our ethics and beliefs.

GreenFaith has produced a sustainable food guide for religious institutions called Repairing Eden.  This guide outlines the food actions that houses of worship and religious schools should consider, and provides a host of success stories, resources, and other helpful tools.  Download the guide.

GreenFaith has also partnered with the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future to produce the Good Food Toolkit.  The sister companion to Repairing Eden, the Toolkit provides a hands-on 'food audit' that will enable your faith community to pinpoint the best areas for improvement with your food work. Download the Good Food Toolkit.


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