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Grounds Maintenance

Tips and resources for eco-friendly grounds maintenance


Tips and Resources for Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Weed Removal by Sod Cutting St. Pat's in Chatham

For those institutions and homeowners that are fortunate enough to have a landscape surrounding their property, learning ways to manage the lawn, plants and trees in an eco-friendly manner can often be a headache. There are countless companies and products on the market that handle landscaping run-of-the-mill, which often includes chemicals, constant irrigation, and other practices that harm the environment and human health. 

To help you with your green landscaping efforts, GreenFaith is collaborating with R&S Landscaping to offer you guidelines on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for grounds maintenance.  IPM supports practices that use fewer and less-toxic chemicals as well as preventative measures to keep pests and weeds at bay, and create a healthy landscape. 

The following guidelines, which are applicable to institutions throughout the U.S., describe the aspects of IPM that are most important for grounds maintenance.  Click on the topics below to access these documents:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Background Information

This document outlines the most basic and important elements of IPM for grounds maintenance, which will help you understand the practices that R&S Landscaping suggests.

Turf Maintenance

From the type of grass you choose, to fertilization and weed management, these guidelines outline the best steps to maintain your lawn with an IPM approach.

Cultural Practices for Turf Management

Practices such as mulching, mowing, aeration and soil testing, when done right, help to keep a lawn healthy.  These guidelines describe the cultural IPM practices R&S Landscaping recommends.

Irrigation Tips

Proper irrigation can conserve water and keep pests and weeds at bay.  These short guidelines suggest some proper irrigation practices.


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