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The Reformed Church of Highland Park


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The Reformed Church of Highland Park “went solar” through GreenFaith’s Lighting the Way program in early 2006. RCHP’s solar array consists of 126 solar panels with 1,402 square feet of collector space. The array will generate over 13,700 kilowatt hours of clean power annually – more than 260,000 kilowatt hours over 20 years – equivalent to approximately 35% of the church’s current electricity usage. The church will prevent more than 286,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over 20 years – a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.

Read the sermon preached by the Rev. Seth Kaper Dale, pastor of RCHP, on the occasion of the Dedication of the church’s solar array.

RCHP’s system was installed in two sections – one on the roof of the sanctuary and a second on the roof of the Fellowship Hall. Both sections are on sloped roofs. These installations require that the panels be attached to roof beams, with bolts penetrating the roof membrane. None of GreenFaith’s Lighting the Way installations have had any roof leakage, thanks to Sun Farm Network’s excellent installation teams.

Reformed Church panels on sanctuary.JPG
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