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Waste Audits

Resources for self-guided waste audits, including worksheets and guidelines, and information on the waste auditing services GreenFaith offers to NJ institutions.


Waste audit sorted trash
Trash sorted out on a tarp from a waste audit conducted at Academy of the Holy Angels school.


You've heard of energy audits. Now imagine the same process for your trash.  Waste audits give you a snapshot of what you're throwing out so that you can reduce your "waste stream."

Do-it-Yourself Waste Audit

Conducting a waste audit involves collecting the trash from around your facility and examining what you're throwing away.  People rarely look at their trash after it's thrown out- and waste audits are an eye-opening experience.  Here is GreenFaith's Waste Audit Toolkit:

Waste Audit How-To Guide

Waste Audit Worksheet for Participants


Waste audit with 2 girls

Waste Audits for New Jersey Religious Institutions

For religious institutions in New Jersey, GreenFaith offers fee-for-service Waste Audits. GreenFaith staff visits your institution, conducts a waste audit, and provides a report detailing recommendations.  Contact Stacey Kennealy at to learn more.

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