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GreenFaith Believes

a detailed description of GreenFaith's beliefs.

What GreenFaith Believes

GreenFaith is an interfaith environmental group, and we're proud of what we believe.  These five principles are the moral and religious themes that provide the foundation for our work. 

1. The Earth is the Beloved Creation and Possession of the Divine

Consistent with the world’s great religions, we affirm that the earth is creation, possession, gift, or sign of the Divine.  Creation has an intrinsic value that cannot be defined solely by its usefulness to humanity.  While the material world does not capture the full extent of the Eternal, GreenFaith affirms that the earth and the entire cosmos are a sacred blessing, a sign or embodiment of the generosity, creativity and power of the Holy. 

2. Human Beings are Steward Commanded to Care for the Earth

In relation to the earth, humanity’s primary role is that of a steward, reflecting an understanding that we are embedded in earth’s web of life, and therefore are stewards of an earth community to which we also belong.  Stewardship is a service that humanity is commanded to offer to all creation, a multi-generational trust to protect the earth as a sacred commons for life present and future, and not for short-term selfish use. 

3. All People Deserve a Healthy Environment - Regardless of their Race or Income

All people suffer from environmental degradation, but ethnic minorities and the poor around the world suffer its worst impacts.  In the United States, research shows conclusively that people of color and the poor suffer the impacts of environmental harm disproportionately.

GreenFaith strongly affirms, consistent with the values of compassion and justice present in every religion, that the Divine commands us to care for the poor and vulnerable, protecting them from environmental injustice, racism and harm. 

4. Our Souls are Strengthened in Relationship with Creation

The natural world represents a remarkable expression of power, beauty and creativity, and evokes our awe at its majesty.  Our experience of the earth, and its sheer beauty and splendor, reveal the Divine to us, and constitute an important source of spiritual and religious experience.  GreenFaith believes that religious groups must help their members re-connect with the sacred in nature.

5.  Religious Communities Must Work to Protect the Web of Creation

Consistent with our belief that the entire cosmos is an embodiment of the creative power of the Divine, we affirm that humanity is commanded to protect the web of creation, its diversity of life forms, and the ecosystems that support them.  Recognizing the serious threats that some forms of human activity pose to the earth, religious communities should commit themselves to protecting the earth.

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